I have been trying to add cms page links into the Main navigation using the local.xml file. I tried the following, however this references the top links instead of the main nav.

<reference name="top.menu">

        <action method="addLink" translate="label title" module="customer">


I would like the main menu to go: Home | Products (with drop down) | CMS Page | CMS Page | CMS Page | etc.

Is this possible through xml?

Thank you

  • You can add anything to the topmenu using the event page_block_html_topmenu_gethtml_before. See this as example the example is in the question, not the answer
    – Marius
    Jan 27, 2015 at 13:03

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No, it's not possible. They quickest way to go about this is probably adding it by including a static block next to the header (or use a custom menu extension).

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