I have successfully set up a magento docker image with the help of Adobe DevDocs. But when I tried to create a custom module under the directory of /app/code. I met lots of error when I tried to deploy the new created module.

What I am confused on is whether the development workflow is the same as the normal magento setup environment with installation all requirements?

Where should I found the normal php magento command???

  • bin/magento list will give you a list of all available commands in magento. That being said, you should be more clear about your issue, what are these lots of errors.
    – Claims
    Jan 21, 2022 at 10:56

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Yes, They are the same on the normal magento. Maybe you have error on your Module.

Where should I found the normal php magento command???

You can do normal php magento commands by entering bash:

docker-compose run --rm deploy bash

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