In a Magento Enterprise or Magento Community version I just need to change the package version in my composer.json.

Magento 2 Enterprise update via Composer

How could I do the same in my Magento 2.3.7-p1 Cloud to update to Magento 2.3.7-p2?

Magento 2 Cloud metapackage

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As you in this other answer, magento/magento-cloud-metapackage is, as its name suggests, a meta-package - AKA a package that represents a collection of other packages that go together, as opposed to a module of code. In this case, the main dependency (or sub/child-package) here is magento/product-enterprise-edition which has been locked to an older version per your composer.lock.

How to upgrade

You just need to update your Magento Cloud Metapackage with its dependencies.

composer update magento/magento-cloud-metapackage --with-dependencies

You will see this message below.

Magento 2 Cloud upgrade

Running this command below you will see the availability of the child enterprise package versions and its current version too.

composer show magento/product-enterprise-edition --all

Magento Composer package versions

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