I have a question on shipping. Is possible to set a method that takes the volume or weight of the product and calculate the cost depending on a scale?


Try Table Rates shipping method. Their you have an option as per your need.

If you want to do some custom calculation you can make use of the checkout_cart_save_before event.

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Please try the table rates. Admin -system - configuration - shipping methods - table rates.

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In Magento admin go to: System -> Configuration -> Sales -> Shipping Method.

Open The Table Rates section and select "Weight vs Destination" value for Condition

enter image description here

Export the file and save it to your PC. Open the file with a text editor, or using Excel and add the lines you want. At the end, the file you have created should look like this one:

Paese,Regione/Stato,"Zip/Codice postale","Peso (e superiore)","Prezzo spedizione"

Upload the file using the "Browse..." button and save the Configuration. If everything is ok, you should see a green line informing you that the file was imported siccessfully.

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  • Could you perhaps set your Magento Admin to English and replace the Italian examples with English examples? – 7ochem Sep 9 '15 at 12:30
  • Here's the file exported with english header: ` Country,Region/State,"Zip/Postal Code","Weight (and above)","Shipping Price" ITA,,,0.0000,5.9000 ITA,,,10.0000,7.9000 ITA,,,25.0000,9.9000 ` – Nicola Lepetit Sep 9 '15 at 12:36

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