I need to run a command to compile my theme styles and commit them every time I need to push something new, these are the commands below.

npm i
gulp style
gulp js

When I try to run it via the Magento Cloud pipeline file, I got a permission issue to create folders and execute Gulp with the automated system.

How could I compile my styles via Magento Cloud pipelines?

  • I think you need to contact with Cloud Support
    – Amit Bera
    Jan 15, 2022 at 13:53

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This new npm folder must be a shared folder as your var and pub folders are. To specify that your npm folder is a writable folder, you will need to edit your magento.app.yaml file.

 # The mounts that will be performed when the package is deployed.
    "var": "shared:files/var"
    "app/etc": "shared:files/etc"
    "pub/media": "shared:files/media"
    "pub/static": "shared:files/static"
    "node_modules": "shared:files/node_modules"

In the same file, add Node to your dependencies section too.

   sass: "~3.4"
   grunt-cli: "~0.3"

Create a bash file where you can easily execute all npm commands you need to run and add them into the build process like this example below.

    build: |
        set -e
        npm config get prefix
        php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools cron:kill
        php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools build:generate
        php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools build:transfer
    deploy: |
        php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools deploy
    post_deploy: |
        php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools post-deploy
        php ./vendor/bin/ece-tools cron:unlock

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