I've created a custom widget with a parameter to select an existing category and the widget displays the products in this category. This widget works as expected.

Now I want to add a new check on reorder for when the customer reorders an order with a product from the widget. I'm able to intercept the reorder action, but I don't know how to check if the product comes from the widget. What I mean is:

  • if it was system config instead of a widget, I could simply get the category from the system config and use this value to check the product.. something like this:
$categoryId = $this->scopeConfig->getValue($field, ScopeInterface::SCOPE_STORE, $storeId); // get the category id from stores > configuration
if(in_array($categoryId, $quoteItem->getProduct()->getCategoryIds()) {
   // this product comes from my category. I can do my stuff with it

In my case, though, $categoryId is not set in the system.xml file but in the widget.xml. I can successfully get the widget parameter in the widget block and the widget template, but how can I get the parameter in the observer/controller/plugin that I need to manipulate the reorder action? Something like this:

$categoryId = $this->widget->getParam('category_id');
// same code as before

The only thing I was able to come up with is to set/get the parameter in the session, but I hoped there was a better solution than messing up with the registry

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