I need to get the customers associated with a company. I have the company ID. Is it possible to get the customers of a company?

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Load company and use getSuperUserId to get company admin $company->getSuperUserId() . Or can get company admin using this

Magento\Company\Model\CompanyManagement $companyManagement;

To get all users it is more complicated.

Magento\Company\Model\Company\Structure $structureManager
$tree = $this->structureManager->getTreeById($companyId);

This will load all tree structure. After that just check which method in $tree to use, there is lots of different data to get and load it.

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Here, Is the code working for me. Posting here for helping the community. This code will check if the customer is a company admin and then it will return an array of company users' Ids. In case someone has any query please feel free to add a comment.

use Magento\Company\Api\CompanyHierarchyInterface;
use Magento\Customer\Api\CustomerRepositoryInterface;
use Magento\Company\Api\CompanyRepositoryInterface;
use Magento\Company\Api\Data\HierarchyInterface;

class example extends AbstractClass

   /** @var CompanyHierarchyInterface */
    protected $companyHierarchy;

     * @var CustomerRepositoryInterface
    protected $customerRepository;

     * @var CompanyRepositoryInterface
    protected $companyRepository;

     * @param CompanyHierarchyInterface $companyHierarchy
     * @param CustomerRepositoryInterface $customerRepository
     * @param CompanyRepositoryInterface $companyRepository
    public function __construct(
        CompanyHierarchyInterface $companyHierarchy,
        CustomerRepositoryInterface $customerRepository,
        CompanyRepositoryInterface $companyRepository
        $this->companyHierarchy = $companyHierarchy;
        $this->customerRepository = $customerRepository;
        $this->companyRepository = $companyRepository;
    public function getCompanyCustomerIds($customerId)
       $customerData = $this->customerRepository->getById($customerId);
            if ($customerData->getExtensionAttributes()->getCompanyAttributes()
                && $customerData->getExtensionAttributes()->getCompanyAttributes()->getCompanyId() != 0) {
                $companyId = $customerData->getExtensionAttributes()->getCompanyAttributes()->getCompanyId();
                $companyAdmin = $this->companyRepository->get($companyId)->getSuperUserId();
                if($companyAdmin == $customerData->getId()) {
                    $customerIds = [];
                    $hierarchy = $this->companyHierarchy->getCompanyHierarchy($companyId);
                    foreach ($hierarchy as $item) {
                        if ($item->getEntityType() == HierarchyInterface::TYPE_CUSTOMER) {
                            $customerIds[] = $item->getEntityId();
                   return $customerIds;
        return $customerId;

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