I have an issue I can't change the sort order of tax in pdf order

I have tried this solution but never worked for me

Rearrange the position of subtotal,shipment,tax in pdf invoice magento 2

I have tried to add this code in vendor/magento/module-sales/etc/pdf.xml

    <total name="tax_amount">
        <title translate="true">Tax</title>

but it duplicate tax row it showed up two times

and no data to change the sort order of tax in this file pdf.xml

Please help thanks,

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The sorting of these fields is handled by the sort_order attribute of each totals list item.

The sort_order values are stored in:


For all rows except the Tax row which is stored in


If you copy these files to app/code/local/ and alter these values you can manipulate the order to your needs.

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