I have currently got the 'Uses Per Customer' set to 1 on a specific coupon. However, it can be used in multiple orders by the same customer, despite them being logged in. I am using Magento 2.4.3. Has anyone else encountered this before and know how to fix it.

Thank you.

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Go to

Marketing -> Cart Price Rule -> Select specific rule -> Select specific coupon code and then set value in Uses per coupon & Uses per Customer.

Uses per Coupon: Set the number of times the Coupon can be used. Uses per Customer: Set the number of times the same client uses the Coupon.


1 - Have rabbitmq installed and with its account;

2 - Execute the Magento CLI command from Magento root directory: bin/magento setup:config:set --amqp-host= --amqp-port=5672 --amqp-user=guest --amqp-password=guest --amqp-virtualhost=/ (Note- Here u have to change the parameter values according to your account);

3 - Run this command too before placing next order - bin/magento queue:consumers:start sales.rule.update.coupon.usage &


Affected products and versions

Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods) 2.4.3 and above


Merchants set up a coupon for single use and customers are able to use it multiple times.


Merchants do not have sales.rule.update.coupon.usage consumer set up and running that results in improper behavior.


Add the sales.rule.update.coupon.usage consumer to the app/etc/env.php file.

    'cron_consumers_runner' =>
    array [
        'cron_run' => true,
        'max_messages' => 20000,
        'consumers' =>
        array [

Run this command - bin/magento queue:consumers:start sales.rule.update.coupon.usage &

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