I have a modal where I put a select ui component. I want than when the value of that select is changed I send an Ajax request to one of my controllers search in database an get a json response wich contains a list of fields (text inputs, radio buttons, ...) and then add (append) those fields to my modal in the fieldset.

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Here is my select field :

<field name="type" formElement="select" component="Vendor_Module/js/form/components/action-type-select">
                <label translate="true">Type</label>
                        <options class="Vendor\Module\ViewModel\Action\ActionList" />

and field JS component :

], function(Select, layout) {
    'use strict';

    return Select.extend({

        initialize: function() {

            return this;

        onUpdate: function(value) {

        sendAjaxRequest: function() {


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I have tried various methods to bring a URL dynamically into a UI component, but the standard and safe way I think is to add via metadata of the UI XML component itself.

To inject the dynamic data (not needed if you just want to add a static URL) in the component use the following code:

Form DataProvider.php https://stackoverflow.com/a/57431164

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