I am trying to send the emails with the attached files but I am not succeeding.

For the moment this is my code:

namespace PHPCuong\CustomerAccount\Helper;
use Magento\Framework\App\Helper\Context;
use Magento\Framework\Mail\Template\TransportBuilder;
use Magento\Framework\App\Helper\AbstractHelper;
use Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface;
class SendEmail extends AbstractHelper
    protected $transportBuilder;
    protected $storeManager;
    public function __construct(
        Context $context,
        TransportBuilder $transportBuilder,
        StoreManagerInterface $storeManager
        $this->transportBuilder = $transportBuilder;
        $this->storeManager = $storeManager;
    public function sendEmailTransport(){
        return $this->transportBuilder;


And this is the code for sending an email:

                        $helperLogEmail = $this->helper('\PHPCuong\CustomerAccount\Helper\SendEmail');

                        $templateId = 'customer_logo_ord'; // template id
                        $fromEmail = '[email protected]';  // sender Email id
                        $fromName = 'test'; // sender Name
                        $toEmail = "[email protected]";

                        $templateVars = [
                            'product_name' => '',
                            'order_id' => $orderInc
                        $storeId = $_order->getStoreId();
                        $from = ['email' => $fromEmail, 'name' => $fromName];
                        $storeScope = \Magento\Store\Model\ScopeInterface::SCOPE_STORE;
                        $templateOptions = [
                            'area' => \Magento\Framework\App\Area::AREA_FRONTEND,
                            'store' => $storeId
                        $transport = $helperLogEmail->sendEmailTransport()->setTemplateIdentifier($templateId, $storeScope)
                        //$helperLogEmail->sendEmailTransport()->addAttachment($fileName, 'image/jpeg');

Now, how can i do for create and send attachments in my email with transport builder?

Thanks for any help


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You can use addAttachment to attach files while sending emails.

->addAttachment($filePath, $fileName);

Make sure to give filepath as Relative Paths like /var/www/html/yoursite/yourfile.xyz

  • addAttachment is a function that already exists in transport builder or do I have to create it myself? Thanks
    – Jackom
    Dec 13, 2021 at 14:11
  • 2
    that is already exits. for now add it after ->addCc($fromEmail,'') this one without ; Dec 14, 2021 at 7:08
  • I tried man but return addAttachment() is not defined! How can i do? thanks!
    – Jackom
    Dec 16, 2021 at 18:35
  • where you have added addAttachment() function? can you update your question ? Dec 17, 2021 at 7:34

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