I use Magento 2.4.3.

I created custom shipping extension. It works correct.

But now I would like to add calculating by width, height, length params of product. I've added these params (width, height, length) to product attribute set. It's easy.

My question - how I can get these these params (width, height, length) in method collectRates() my custom shipping extrension?

I see $request->getPackageWeight(), $request->getBaseSubtotalInclTax(). Is there method(s) to get custom product attribute in $request?


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Directly in request there is no such value. But you can get quote items $request->getAllItems() . Do foreach, get item, then product from it (or load it by id/sku) and get required values from product.

  • Thank you. Your answer was helpful to me.
    – PHPer
    Commented Dec 8, 2021 at 10:52

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