I have a configurable product created and also simple products.

I want to add the option on the forme and poids attribute to link them. These options are properly configured, they appear in the admin if I want to add them from the admin


But I'm creating them through an import.

I have :

  • The instance of the configurable product
  • The instance of the simple product
  • The attribute value

This is what I have done which isn't working apparently

This is what I'm doing in case I'm currently reading a poids attribute

case 'poids':
    $attribute = $this->eavAttributeRepository->get(
    $usedAttributes = $configurable_product->getTypeInstance()->getUsedProductAttributeIds($configurable_product);
    $configurableAttributesData =

    $value = $attribute['value'];
    $configurableProductsData[$childProductId] = array(
        $k => array( //$k is an increment on the attribute i read 
            'label' => 'Poids', //attribute label
            'attribute_id' => $attribute->getAttributeId(),
            'value_index' => $this->poidsOptions->getLabelValue($value),
            'is_percent'    => 0,
            'pricing_value' => $childPrice,
    }catch(Exception $eI){

No error printed, but no options neither appearing in my configurable


Any ideas?


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Each configurable product must have an attribut set This attribut set contain attributs

Create or modify the product attribut set

Stores >> Attritubes >> Attribut set

Drag and drop the attribut

From your configurable product select the attribut set, then link your simple product to the configurable

enter image description here

I hope I understood the request.

  • I can link them threw the admin already this isn't an issue; what is not working is when I try to do it programmaticaly
    – Claims
    Commented Dec 2, 2021 at 9:01

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