We are looking to implement below requirement. From admin we should be able to create combo offer(Deals) like for example

We have 2 product Product 1 - Google Nexus 5 mobile phone - Rs.22500 Product 2 - Nexus 5 Case/Cover - Rs. 1000

Now we need to create a combo offer on above Mobile phone, when user purchase nexus 5 mobile phone its cover should be priced at Rs.500. This combo deal should be visible to buyer on product detail page of Nexus 4 mobile phone

From admin we should be able to set this deal/combo offers, Logically it should when creating Google nexus 5, there should be a way to select combo product Case/cover and its discounted price which should be displayed on product details page as combo offer.

Please browse below url to and Search for "Frequently Bought Together" section.


Please let us know any way to achieve above requirement, any pointers would be appreciated.

Thanks Siddharth


You could add shopping cart auto discount rules to offer discounts on combo. You would need to add a module that shows combo products on product pages and then rely on discount rules to take care of discounts once a combo is in the cart.

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