when i click on the forget password in my Magento it is asking for enter email and captcha but captcha image is not loading. why its happening and which files are responsible for that ? Thanks..

  • have you check console? Is there any error there? Nov 16 '21 at 8:58
  • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () - this is the error i got sir
    – Mani
    Nov 16 '21 at 9:00
  • Now try to resolve that error, that is the reason why captcha not loaded. Confirm you configured it properly from admin? Nov 16 '21 at 9:03
  • sir may i know what are the reasons for that error
    – Mani
    Nov 16 '21 at 9:05
  • please check the configuration from the admin. Nov 16 '21 at 9:27

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