This is my resulting html

<div data-ui-id="checkout-cart-validationmessages-message-error">
    The requested qty is not available

Probably generated by :

<div data-role="checkout-messages" class="messages" data-bind="visible: isVisible(), click: removeAll">
    <!-- ko foreach: messageContainer.getErrorMessages() -->
    <div role="alert" class="message message-error error">
        <div data-ui-id="checkout-cart-validationmessages-message-error" data-bind="text: $data"></div>

The key is already present in my i18n translation file.

What is missing there for the translation to be applied ?

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You should replace

data-bind="text: $data"


data-bind="i18n: $data"
  • Tried it it's not working sadly :/
    – Claims
    Nov 15, 2021 at 9:01

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