I want to move from the Magento commerce version to the open-source version, I have version 2.4.1.

Any help regarding how to do this?

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I have done it in a few projects but it is quite different for each project and is based on how much they are using EE features and if we have to migrate the data from the EE features to our own replacement features. The general steps goes as follows;

  1. Analyse the EE features used by the project and develop / search for a extension for replacement of the same.
  2. Get all the custom code you've done for the project as well as the extensions for CE instance and put it in a fresh CE instance.
  3. Migrate DB from EE to CE. There are several columns in several tables that are different (many are just entity_id columns renamed to row_id in EE) but I found these DB scripts to be quite helpful (https://github.com/opengento/magento2-downgrade-ee-ce). Note that you might need to change around some of the mysql statements and create some of your own if you need to migrate EE features to your CE instance. Once you're done hook the migrated DB to fresh CE instance we setup earlier.
  4. Run setup upgrade and rest of the commands on the fresh CE instance where we hooked up migrated EE DB.
  5. You will run into some problems depending on the project pertaining to your custom code referring to EE only classes. You will have to fix them or find replacement for them.
  6. Congratulations! You've migrated EE to CE.

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