I have seen a couple of similar issues, but none of the solutions/reasons helped me. I installed Magento 2.4; tried it switch it to default and developer modes, forced it to compile and deploy static content (just in case, it says there is no need for that, but I tried just for sure; cash was flushed) and it seems like it does everything correctly, I see created files in pub directory. When the browser requests them it gets 404, mod_rewrite for Apache is enabled, I checked if I change .htaccess it changes site behavior and Apache shows it is enabled it CLI. So it has to be fine. I have Nginx installed as a proxy, but there are no problems with other CMS such as WordPress. It is only a Magento issue which I can't solve. I use it in local environment in Virtual Box with Ubuntu 20.04. Nginx has following rule for CSS/JS location ~ .*\.(js|css)?$ { expires 7d; access_log off; } Apache does not have any specific instructions for them. I get only image /frontend/Magento/luma/ru_RU/images/logo.svg Do you have any ideas, what could be wrong?

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It kind of sounds like you've deleted the .htaccess file out of pub/static. That will cause 404s for javascript and css.

If that file is missing recreate it from the contents here: https://github.com/magento/magento2/blob/2.4-develop/pub/static/.htaccess

And see if that helps. Then be careful not to delete that folder, just its contents, as needed.

  • No, both my .htaccess in pub and pub/static are OK, I compared it with github's analogs they are the same. I cleared .htaccess in pub/static and lost my only image I get. I returned it to it's initial state and got my image back. But there is still no CSS and JS.
    – NIck
    Nov 3, 2021 at 6:16

This problem is related to nxinx config. Any attempt to set caching rules in nginx for js/css breaks functionality. I believe this issue may be often seen on preconfigured hosts and server setups. You should remove rules such as location ~ .*\.(js|css)?$ { expires 7d; access_log off; } I have tried different approaches including checking if file exists, but it did not work for me, if I leave caching options, nothing comes through. If anyone know how to set it up correctly please let me know.

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