I have enabled Multi-shipping, Purchase Order payment method and Approval Rules. Also enabled Purchase Orders at Company and from B2B Features System Config.

Followed following docs:




At front-end, it's working for simple checkout and can see Place Purchase Order button. But for Multi-shipping, it's not showing any option/button to place purchase orders and all orders are placed as normal orders.

Am I missing any configuration OR PO is not allowed/supported in multi-shipping out of the box for B2B ?

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I got the following response from Magento team:

Unfortunately Magento out of the box does not support the combination of Multishipping and PurchaseOrder now.

Please find below the response from our architecture team:

The Purchase Order module is designed to work with the default checkout (Magento_Checkout module), when "Magento_Multishipping" is a separate module that has its own logic for placing an order, which differs from the default checkout. The Purchase Order module does not have an implementation for work with multishipping.

We do not support the combination of Multishipping and PurchaseOrder now. We will consider it for the future, but should not be considered as a bug.

Currently, this behavior under investigation and will be released in future releases.

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