I have a problem, I want to set up discount with a code which offers 50% on a specific product. But I also have a general discount which offers 20% after buying N products. I want to disable the general discounts after using the discount with the code. How can I do that?

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When you create a cart price rule, there're 2 options available: Priority and Discard Subsequent Rules (in the Actions tab). If I understand your question correctly, you just need to set the following values:

  1. For the discount with the code (50%): Priority = 1 and Discard Subsequent Rules = Yes

  2. For the general discount (20%): Priority = 2

  • Unfortunately it's not working :( to clarify: The discount with the code offers 50% on specific product (SKU) to up 10x. The general discount offer 50% discount for all products if quantity in cart >10, i applied your solution but didn't work :(
    – m_add
    Nov 2, 2021 at 6:28

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