I want to know that what is the use qty_invoiced column in the sales_order_item table in Magento 2. enter image description here

  • sales_order_items table in qty_invoiced column used for store number of qty invoice are created
    – Dipakk
    Oct 22, 2021 at 6:36

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Magento has a feature to invoice a qty as per defined by admin.

e.g customer placed an order with 10 qty but for some reason customer want 5 qty only or instore only 5 available now admin want to procced order with 5 qty only and need to generate invoice for 5 products.so, admin will add 5 qty on invoice creation time instead of 10.

So,In sales_order_item table qty_invoiced filed will store data for that order.

hope you get it now

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