As a new Magento developer. Every day I face new problems the problem I faced today is creating my own mega menu and I find it very difficult. As I can use the extension but I don't like the idea of using the extension. So I decided to customise and create a mega menu. so I researched and read this thread but I couldn't find my answer besides a provided link is not working anymore. so I wanted to make this Present Magento Menu to this in my custom theme My wanted Magento Menu. So now in topmenu.php of Magento\Theme\Block\Html I am afraid to change anything if I broke something. Present Magento Menu Codeenter image description here how can I replace This left-side code style with This right-side code style in Topmenu.php I am not an expert in Magento so if I change something without knowing it could break anything. So if anyone expert could help me out to accomplish my goal. Thanks in advance.

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With the help of CategoryFactory you can get a collection of your categories, like so:

    public function getChildCategories($categoryId)
        $category = $this->categoryFactory->create();
        $categoryCollection = $category->load($categoryId);

        //Get category collection
        return $categoryCollection->getCollection()
            ->addAttributeToFilter('include_in_menu', 1)
            ->addAttributeToSelect(['name', 'url'])
            ->setOrder('position', 'ASC')

In your template you can then loop through the collection and build your mega menu.

  • Thanks for your reply. Do I need to add this code alongside the existent Topmenu.php or create a new Topmenu.php?
    – mrshiam
    Commented Oct 27, 2021 at 7:16

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