How could I zip all my Magento files excluding non-required to a local setup?

I usually run this command to get all the files. But, it takes too long and the files are too heavy.

zip -r magento2.zip ./*

Do you have any suggestions to improve it?

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To create compressed archive named data.zip of data folder in the current directory, run: zip -r data.zip data/


You can exclude the non-versioned folders and you can use -9 to compress all the files included in your ZIP.

zip -r -9 magento2.zip ./* \
-x "vendor/*" \
-x "generated/*" \
-x "pub/static/*" \
-x "pub/media/*" \
-x "var/*" \
-x "pub/wp/wp-content/uploads/*" \
-x "node_modules/*"

To compress your media folder too, I recommend using:

n98-magerun.phar media:dump media.zip

Generated CSS, JS and product image cache you can pass the option --strip

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