I've asked this once already here: How to properly use getCollectionMock
But that was for a different reason, and in the meantime the Magento\Framework\TestFramework\Unit\Helper\ObjectManager is deprecated so this code is not recommended anymore.

$om = new \Magento\Framework\TestFramework\Unit\Helper\ObjectManager($this);
$collectionMock = $om->getCollectionMock(\Collection\Class\Here, [$obj1, $obj2]);

where $obj1, $obj2 are objects returned when iterating through the mocked collection

How can I mock a collection without the use of unit test object manager helper?

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OK. the answer was so obvious but I missed it somehow.
What I needed to do is to check what exactly Magento\Framework\TestFramework\Unit\Helper\ObjectManager::getCollectionMock() does.

And this is how it can be done inside a unit test class

    $collectionMock = $this->getMockBuilder(\Collection\Class\Here::class)
    $iterator = new \ArrayIterator([$obj1, $obj2]);

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