i am new in Magento, i want to to add discount on certain number of products. I mean, i have products on my store, every product has SKU. I want to make discount 50% for purchasing 12 products on my site. So the number 12 should be in the cart, no matter if it's 12 pieces of one product, or several products with a total of 12 pieces.

  • You can set it throught cart price rule. Marketing->Cartprice rule in condition set total Items Qty as per the requirment
    – Asssd
    Oct 11, 2021 at 12:52

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Log in to Magento Admin and GoTo Marketing > Cart Price Rules and create a new rule by clicking Add New Rule

Now you can set the condition

See below screenshots https://prnt.sc/1vpk1b3

Set the discount Percentage

See below screenshots https://prnt.sc/1vpk6ki

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