I am new in Magento 2 and I m having very difficulty in finding which templates or blocks to make changes. I know how to override files. I had previously made changes in the theme but still, I can't find an easy solution to locate files in the Magento module.

Can anyone pls explain an easy way to locate files in the Magento theme to override? I m currently working on the Magento Checkout page and Mini cart.

Thank You


Use template path hint to show the file path. This will show all the .phtml files used on page view.

To enable template hints, your environment should be development
Note: Do not enable template hint on live website

Use this one to enable template path hints https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/91240/31910

Other way to find code is to use well known IDE like PHPStorm etc, that do indexing on codebase and you can search any code easily.

  • Thanks for your answer, I already know that I m trying to find more easier way to do that. Oct 7 '21 at 5:55

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