I'm really struggling with Cart Price conditions.

I want to be able to offer a discount code (say, 10%) to customers, but on limited products.

I have created an attribute for my products already, "disallow discount". So I created the rule to work with products that are "disallow discount = no".

However, I want it to work on the basket if a customer has both types of products in - I need it to remove 10% on the products that are "disallow discount no", and not work on the "disallow discount yes". I can either get it to work on the whole basket, or none of it, I can't get the mix of on some and not others.

Please help!

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Here we need 2 conditions.

  1. Apply the rule only if a valid product is available in cart.
  2. Apply rule only to the products with Disallow discount = no

For First point: In cart price rules, on the conditions select Products subselection and set something like below. Instead of the sale attribute Select your Disallow Discount attribute. Cart Rule Condition

For Second point: In actions section, select the desired discount value (10) and set the conditions as below. Cart Rule Action

This will ensure only the products matched with this rule gets the discount.

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