I want to reassign existing orders to customers after deleting all customers and importing them into Magento 2 from a csv. The sales_order.customer_id values are not matching with the correct customer anymore in the table. They have a value of NULL. But the emails are still there in sales_order.customer_email.

I would like a SQL query (or Magento 2 way if easier) which compares the emails if they are matching in both tables sales_order.customer_email and customer_entity.email. If the emails are matching, the SQL query should update the sales_order.customer_id value with the value from customer_entity.entity_id

Afaik after that I can just reindex to update the sales_order_grid table, right?

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After some trying around I solved it by using the following SQL qeuery:

UPDATE sales_order as SFO
INNER JOIN customer_entity as C
ON C.email = SFO.customer_email
SET SFO.customer_ID = C.entity_id
WHERE SFO.customer_is_guest = 0

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