I'm trying to use the /product endpoint but keep getting

`400 Bad Request` response:
{"message":"\"%fieldName\" is required. Enter and try again.","parameters":{"fieldName":"product"}}

My header includes the Json content-type. I'm really lost on how to form the body. Or does this even go in body? Below is my request:

require_once ('connparams.php');
$headers = [
    "Authorization" => "Bearer " . $token,        
    "Content-Type" => "application/json"
$response = $client->request('post', 'products', 
["headers" => $headers],
["body" => 
["product" => 
        ["sku" => 12211]

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$response = $client->request('post', 'products',
        "product" => [
            "sku" => 12211

where $headers is an associative array.

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