How does translate inline work? I'm trying to change a previous translation in the checkout "Proceed to checkout" button. ATM all our websites have the same translation of the button but I need to change it for store specific to something else.

When I activate translate inline and find the word I want to change I do check the box for "for this store view only" And I can change it, however when I disable translate Inline it changes back to the original word. Is there a file where all the translates from translate inline save to?

Or do anyone know why I can't change the word?

  • Maybe you can view the "Translation" database table.
    – Pan Hao
    Oct 15, 2021 at 3:09

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Documentation says :

Magento 2 Inline Translation is theme specific, if you change the store theme, you need to do it again.

I would say it's a non technical solution to add translation but, the way it should be handled is using i18n

In your magento code you should have a file like this one


It's on that csv file that you would put all your theme translation

You have one file per language


  • Hi, Thank you for the replay. I do have one nb_NO.csv under app/design/smartwave/porto_child_i18n. I can see some translation there that has been done in the past. However, i also have a translation (no_NO).csv file under vendor/magento2translation/lanuage_no_no. Seems to me that most of the translation is done in this file. I tried last night to add a translation there that i can't see in translation DB or in nb_NO.csv in theme folder. But no luck. Do you have any idea why translation is not working? Oct 19, 2021 at 12:36
  • Either the translation isn't in the file; either the text isn't asked to be translated in frontside. Make sure you clean your cache and re-deploy the static from the language after doing your translation. If it's still not working I don't have more ideas :/
    – Claims
    Oct 19, 2021 at 15:14

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