Hi I am creating a magento website for a Timber company that sell their timber based on the section (width x height) and the length. The client wants the products to appear in a matrix table as opposed to the usual set of 2 drop down boxes.

Here is an image to show what I mean. enter image description here

Does anyone know of an extension or could anyone put me on the right path as to where I would go to try and achieve this look?

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Recently we were looking for something similar when we were making Magento website for a client that sells snap hooks and quick links in larger quantities, so he needed to display configurable products in a table and allow customers to add larger quantities to cart at once.

Somehow we've stumbled upon the developers from Extensions Mall that were developing a frontend matrix for configurable products at the time, so they offered to give us the module to test it for free.

It this one: https://www.extensionsmall.com/wholesale-add-to-cart-grid.html , and it is pretty good. It shows the price and the quantity available for the each simple product associated. It also displays a message when a certain simple product is out of stock, or not available at all.

It doesn't support swatches out-of-the-box, but the developers were very helpful in making it work with swatches as well. That's one of the reasons why I highly recommend it.

  • Thanks!!! That's exactly what I was after. The client has now opted for a simply double drop down but it's worth knowing this for the future. :) Commented Jul 12, 2016 at 10:38
  • I've had a small issue with said extension, but as it turned out, it was that we had a really poorly coded theme. However, A. Taylor, this saved a day! Thanks!
    – errorous
    Commented Apr 19, 2017 at 11:48

There are various extensions for it out there. Just google for something like magento configurable product matrix. Possible extensions that fit your needs:

I did not use any of them yet, so I cannot give a detailed review, sorry.


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