I am trying to use the magento-cloud cli and getting the following error when i try to use the magento-cloud db:size command.

vagrant@ubuntu-bionic:~$ magento-cloud db:size
Enter a number to choose a project:
  [0] Project SMC(dbname)
 > 0

Enter a number to choose an environment:
Default: master
  [0] Integration (integration)
  [1] Master (master)
  [3] Production (production)
 > 3

Enter a number to choose a relationship:
  [0] database (dbname)
  [1] database-ro (dbname_ro)
  [2] database-slave (dbslavename)
 > 0

Checking database service mysql...

  The command failed with the exit code: 1                                                                                                                   
  Full command: ssh '-o' 'SendEnv TERM' '-o' 'CertificateFile /home/vagrant/.magento-cloud/.session/sess-cli-default/ssh/id_ed25519-cert.pub' '-o' 'Identit  
  yFile /home/vagrant/.magento-cloud/.session/sess-cli-default/ssh/id_ed25519' '[email protected]' 'mysql --user=  
  '\''username'\'' --password='\''pass'\'' --host='\'''\'' --port=3306 --no-auto-rehash --raw --skip-column-names' 

Any ideas why it is happening? Is there a possibility that it is due to a read-only user?

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Did you try this method?

magento-cloud ssh -eproduction -pPROJECTID

then the usual command

df -h | grep -E 'mysql|mnt|Filesystem'

Try to login to MySQL using CLI, can you do that?


Once you log in to mySQL, try doing cli

magento-cloud mount:size

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