When ordering using paypal in magento2, it takes you to paypal, paypal already displays a confirmation, you confirm, you get redirected to another confirmation page (/paypal/express/review), it is an extra step that is unnecessary for user experience, I would like to remove it and make the order automatically placed when user confirm on paypal page, once leave paypal if order successful the customer should see the success page.

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Go to Store -> Configuration-> Sales -> Payment Method -> Paypal -> Express Checkout -> Basic Settings - PayPal Express Checkout -> Advanced Settings -> Skip Order Review Step -> Yes

select "Skip Order Review Step" --> "Yes"

Cheers !!

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  • After SETTING according to your method, it doesn't work. I feel that there is no order confirmation page because I only go through the shopping cart process What I want is to directly click paypal on the product details page, enter my paypal account, and click Continue. I need to jump to the order confirmation page. I don't want this confirmation page.
    – sq y
    Commented Sep 21, 2021 at 13:29

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