Categories do not load when I am editing a product, I can't even select them. The customer changed the url of the category and then this error occurred. Any suggestions?

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  • Try doing a reindex from CLI. I've seen this happen in Magento 1, but it was a 3rd party module causing the categories to mess up. Might be worth disabling any modules you've added if you havent already tried that.
    – Chris
    Sep 15 '21 at 9:32
  • Thank you, but still doesn't work. Sep 15 '21 at 10:58
  • I'm having the same problem, my version is 2.4.2 and I still haven't found a suitable solution.
    – Lancer
    Sep 23 '21 at 3:22

First! confirm your store is in an local envrionment, Use below SQL to Reset Database Category data;


TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_entity;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_entity_datetime;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_entity_decimal;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_entity_int;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_entity_text;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_entity_varchar;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_product;
TRUNCATE TABLE catalog_category_product_index;

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_entity` (`entity_id`, `attribute_set_id`, 
`parent_id`, `created_at`, `updated_at`, `path`, `position`, `level`, 
`children_count`) VALUES ('1', '0', '0', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 
CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, '1', '0', '0', '1'),
('2', '3', '1', CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, '1/2', '1', '1', 

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_entity_int` (`value_id`, `attribute_id`, 
`store_id`, `entity_id`, `value`) VALUES 
('1', '69', '0', '1', '1'),
('2', '46', '0', '2', '1'),
('3', '69', '0', '2', '1');

INSERT INTO `catalog_category_entity_varchar` (`value_id`, `attribute_id`, 
`store_id`, `entity_id`, `value`) VALUES 
('1', '45', '0', '1', 'Root Catalog'),
('2', '45', '0', '2', 'Default Category');

  • I have a lot of categories and I don't want to reset the categories, I just want to know what is the reason for this happening? And how to fix the problem?
    – Lancer
    Sep 24 '21 at 2:05

This could help in solving the issue without reseting the categories.

Magento 2 product Categories not loading

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