I would like to extend the OrderSender class, located at Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Email\Sender\ and then override the method prepareTemplate($order), this method is actually defined in the Sender class which is located at Magento\Sales\Model\Order\Email\ and only called at OrderSender class as parent::prepareTemplate($order); because the OrderSender class extends Sender, class.

Now how can I override the prepareTemplate($order) method in the OrderSender class which is not defined here but just called?

Note: I don't want to extend its parent class (Sender ) and override the method.

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You only have two choices

  • 1 : You extend the parent class Sender and override there, but it doesn't seem to suits you

  • 2 : You override the method where the prepareTemplate is called and instead of calling prepareTemplate, you call a custom method that you writte in your extend class. So technically speaking, it won't be an extend of prepareTemplate, just a new method that will do mostly the same thing but with your custom code

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