I have version 1.9 loaded the problem is, I update the stock via csv file. When the item goes 0 it change to "out of stock" but when the quantity increase greater then 0 it doesn't change back to "in stock". It still says quantity 29 "out of stock" and all out of stock items do not show on our front end. so I am losing customers on item which I actually have in stock. I have over 50000 items so can not change everything manually.

Any idea how can I resolve this issue please? Magento should change the status automatically when quantity become greater than 0.

  • Have you done reindex? and are these products are enabled and set to visible on frontend? May 26, 2015 at 0:00
  • is_in_stock is also required, plus a stock status index run
    – Taarik
    Aug 28, 2015 at 19:23

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You have to change the status for each product.

The good thing is that it has been done before:

How to set a product to be in/out of stock programatically

You have to loop through your products and apply the snippet in the above link.


I know this is old, but someone may have similar issue. If you are updating via csv as you say you are, couldn't you just include the column "is_in_stock" with the value "1" (as well as your "qty" of 29). That way, when the stock level is updated the availability will be updated too.

That's how I do it. I do use an extension ('Custom Bulk Product Import..." by Commerce Extensions via Magento Connect) which is pretty solid, but I expect other methods allow you to import this field too possibly even magento's standard methods, and I'm sure the popular Magmi would.


In your CSV file create an additional column Stock STATUS which updates the status to 1 (when in stock) and 0 (out of stock). Until 2013 I used to update stock with following column headers in my CSV file: Product id, Sku Stock, QTY, Stock STATUS

Stock STATUS column had formula =IF(C2=0,0,1) Column C = Sku Stock

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