I'm adding product images in the admin panel, but after save it's not showing the image in the backend. The result is 200 and opening it in a new window the image is blank, what could I do?

Magento 2 Cloud, no image in the backend

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By looking at the details you provided and the screenshot.

Fastly IO is turned on, but it looks like your Screenshot has a response header:

fastly-io-error: not a supported image format
  • What is your source image format?
  • Does it have valid image data? (some corrupted images returns responses like this)

I think that would be a good place to start the investigation.

Furthermore, when I checked it in my sandbox, It should render like below.

  • Fastly IO is turned ON: Header fastly-stats: 1
  • Fastly IO info is valid: fastly-io-info: ifsz=*** ...

enter image description here

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