1. I was solving one of the issues from the other stack exchange question.
  2. The fotorama library file which is located in lib/web/fotorama/fotorama.js has one method navUpdate(){...} at 2765 line. I want to override the function with additional logic.
  3. I can achieve that in two ways. One is taking the whole file to the theme app/design/frontend/{vendor_name}/{theme_name}/web/fotorama or on the second choice can write the mapping for the whole file using requirejs-config.js.
  4. In an above-mentioned way, I have to copy and rewrite the whole file (around 3800+ lines) again just to add few lines in that which seems not right. I tried to achieve it via mixin but it doesn't seem to be possible.

Question: Is mixin possible to override the navUpdate(){...} method from lib/web/fotorama/fotorama.js? or is there any other approach in which not to rewrite the whole file again to avoid boilerplate?

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