I setup default 'Sort by' option as 'Positions' but I found when other customer changed 'Sort by' option like 'Name' on front-end, it effect to me too (I can see 'Sort by' is now 'Name' even if I didn't change option and I guess it also effect all other customer's view)

How can I make 'Sort by' option is not effect to other customers even if a customer change and show default 'Sort by' option first as always?

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I do not think you are right when saying one customer behaviour affects others. Read this article and you will be able to set the default sort order. Also, it is fairly possible that you changed yourself/miss configured the sort order and now you are seeing the sort by Name.

  • Thank you for reply and link Maybe i'm not right but It's clear the Sort by option is different sometime when I visit my store I checked the article . and I check my setting 'Product Listing Sort by' - ' Best Value' is my option now but I can see there is no 'Best Value' on my front-end and category admin page, I can see 'Position' 'Name' 'Price' option on frontand the Position option is what I want as default option but there is no 'Position' sort by option on admin page (On admin only 'Best Value' 'Naem' 'Price' option)
    – Yohan
    Aug 31, 2014 at 15:27
  • I tried this in a fresh Magento installation and it seems to work fine. The way to configure default sort orders are correct too, you might want to try this in a Private browsing window to check it without cookies and sessions.
    – mbalparda
    Aug 31, 2014 at 15:30

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