I need some help about tagging.

Is (and how) Magento able to make named tag (artist, producer, label) and create cms like page to these tags with product list?

For example:
Product: Depeche Mode - Exciter (CD)
Artist: Depeche Mode
Label: Mute Records

The Depeche Mode tag link to all DM album, Mute Records link to all products at Mute Records. The linked page should have a custom text (cms) and the related product grid.

Is there any bulit-in hack, or any extension, or I should make my own?

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Probably the best approach here is to use Categories as Artists, Products as CDs tied to an Artist (Category) and a custom product attribute filterable for Label. With this approach you do not need to code anything.

  • Yes, but it is a big hack, and the number of Artists is not a small list. And what about various artists? So, I really need a nice solution. After music cds, the next problem is dvd (actor, director, etc).
    – Stencil
    Commented Sep 24, 2014 at 23:26

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