Following the Bitbucket integration guide, I provided all the required permission to the Auth Consumer, and I log out and log in again with my Magento Cloud CLI, but even though I keep having this issue below.

Magento Cloud Bitbucket Issue to connect

Issue checking integrations

  Permission denied. Check your project or environment permissions.  
  Client error response [url] https://us-3.magento.cloud/api/projects/3gsageefda/integrations [status   
  code] 403 [reason phrase] Forbidden [message] Access was denied to this resource. [detail] {"error":"Un  
  authorized: collection_index_view failed permission check"} [title] Forbidden  

Issue integrating the project

HTTP/2 403 
server: nginx
content-type: application/json
date: Wed, 28 Jul 2021 21:13:56 GMT
content-encoding: gzip

  "status": "error", 
  "message": "Access was denied to this resource.", 
  "code": 403, 
  "detail": {
    "error": "Unauthorized: collection_create_view failed permission check"
  "title": "Forbidden"

How could I solve it?

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This error message appears when the data are wrong or with wrong permissions.

Remove and create a new OAuth consumer and add the data again in your bitbucket.json file again.

Magento Cloud Bitbucket integration

After that, you just need to run the command again, you might be able to setup the integration with this command below too.

magento-cloud integration:add

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