i use magetno 2.2.3 . the bin/magento cli is working fine until I add a module by composer require [module name] --ignore-platform-reqs.after that it gives me a long term error :

enter image description here

so how should I add a module to Magento by the composer and don't get this error while using PHP bin/magento ... after that? and where is the problem of bin/magento with composer require ....?

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Please make sure you are using composer 1 if not then download composer.phar file and run php composer.phar install and check if it runs smoothly. If this is done then run composer command php composer.phar require [module name] if you want then you can use --no-update followed by your command.

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  • thanks a lot. the problem was my composer version. but why Magento doesn't accept composer version 2 for installing modules? Jul 28, 2021 at 16:03

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