I am new to uploading an extension on Marketplace & selling it, I would like to know if I am selling a paid extension then do we need a private repository of packagelist.org?


if you are uploading extension on Magento Marketplace, then the extension will be uploaded on the repo of Magento 2. You do not need any additional repository.

  • How extension will be available using composer ?
    – Pawan
    Jul 28 at 4:29
  • It will be uploaded Repo of Magento 2 (repo.magento.com)
    – ZealousWeb
    Jul 28 at 5:37
  • so, just uploading extension in developer marketplace will make it available in magento repo as well as a composer link too ? once its passed from magento qa ? Jul 28 at 8:17
  • Yes they take care of hosting it in their repo and making it accessible via composer
    – danronmoon
    Jul 31 at 8:47

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