I have a dropdown attribute brand
Use in Search is set to "Yes"
Search Weight is set to 10, tried with 7 as well
In configuration Search Engine is set to MySql

There are more than 100 products are set to attribute value like "abc" Brand

But when I search for the word abc it only shows 29 products.

Indexing are up to date.
Cache is cleared

Please guide me fix the search on dropdown attribute?


Go to Catalog > Products

Search for those products which are assigned to the brand you're searching and ensure that all the products visibility are set to Catalog, Search.

If they are not on Catalog, Search e.g some of the products are set to Catalog only, than change their visibility and set it to Catalog, Search.

After changing the visibility don't forget to reindex your data php path/to/root/bin/magento indexer:reindex

I hope you'd find this answer useful.

  • Let me check this one. Thanks Jul 27 at 7:45
  • Silly mistake, but this was the issue that you have pointed. Thanks mate :) Jul 28 at 17:12

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