Migration from Magento 1.9.4 --> Magento 2.4.2-p1

I ran the settings and data migration and migrated product photos from Magento 1.9.4 to Magento 2.4.2-p1. Everything is great except when we try to sort products (by SKU for example) it gives the 'Something went wrong' Error. I believe this is because we have hundreds of products that have the full name of the product with spaces in SKU such as:

Best Product in the World 4oz

As per here:


SKUs consists of a set of numbers, letters, dashes and underscores. As a rule, SKUs consist of abbreviations of the product name and its most distinguishing features. For example, the SKU for the product “Mountain bike” green with wheels of 27 inches could be the following: BIC-MT-27-GRN. Dashes and underscores are usually used for semantic separation of such abbreviations, like you could have already understood from the example above. Without the separators, SKU will be complicated to comprehend (for instance, it would have been BICMT27GRN, not BIC-MT-27-GRN). When creating SKU number, avoid using spaces and special characters (such as “*”, “>”, “&” and others). It is also not recommended to use only numbers, as they are not as descriptive as words; that is more, such number can get easily confused with product UPC. In Magento 2, the maximum length of SKU is 64 characters. If you try to enter SKU longer than 64 characters in the Admin panel, you will get the message “Please enter less or equal than 64 symbols.”

I've been going through all the SKUs and correcting them but I realized it's going to take me a million years as we have hundreds and hundreds of them. Is there an automated process or anything really that would make this correcting of incorrect SKUs easier/faster?

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