Please help me, I can not seem to figure out a way to remove the black border box surrounding all my product images and containers.

My website is tucsons.ng

Here is a sample of what I really want gone

my site right now = https://postimg.cc/xXCq5SBg

my desired result = https://postimg.cc/V0gL97R3

  • Try editing .css file Jul 19 at 14:43
  • Please which of the css, there's like alot of css file in every folder where my theme-name appears, please point me to which even if it might not be particular but at least...... Thank you
    – Frank Tobi
    Jul 19 at 14:45

.products-grid .product-item-info .product-item-photo from this class in css remove border

  • 1
    found the product-1.css file under /html/app/design/frontend/Sm/smartech/web/css edited it out and i have been solved Thanks
    – Frank Tobi
    Jul 19 at 15:16

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