I am having issue of cron job resulting in error due to process a large number of items. I've checked logs but it fails without any log in cron_schedule table.

After searching for some time I found a patch available MQP MDVA-28409 which seems to be related to issue I am facing. But it is not applicable in my magento instance M2.4.2 EE using MQP tool. Still I want to check with applying this patch but I am not able to find it anywhere.

Can anyone please help me with where to find .txt or .patch file of this patch.

Thanks in advance!


@rahul MDVA-28409 this patch is available for Magento2.3.4OS version

You can find source code in below path


Still if you are not able find that I am attaching here.



Kindly check this section from that page, where detail information given.

Apply the patch

For instructions on how to apply an MQP patch, use the following links depending on your Magento product:

a. Magento Commerce: DevDocs Apply patches using Magento Quality Patches Tool .
b. Magento Commerce Cloud: DevDocs Upgrades and Patches > Apply patches .
  • Thanks for response. Actually my question is different. Anyway I got to know that the issue this patch resolves is already there in the M2.4.2. – Rahul Barot Jul 22 at 4:40

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