For my shop (magento 2.3.6), I use 1000 x 1000 png images for product pages. I display them at 500 x 500 but because of retina display users, I tend to make then two times bigger for better quality. I use PNGs, because I need to have transparent backgrounds.

I have set the dimensions in my view.xml and under developer options I chose "ImageMagick" as my image adapter.

After I uploaded the product images via the backend, I replaced them with the optimized ones via FTP at /pub/media/catalog/product. There, they are about 250 kb in size, which is not perfect, but OK.

But after caching, the same PNGs are now around 3 mb in size making them over ten times bigger than the already optimized ones.

How can I prevent them from being inflated by the cache? There are no changeable options for ImageMagick which I can find in the backend or the files. What would be the best way to prevent this?


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