Normal behavior: All URL rewrites of categories work.

What I am getting: Categories that have subcategories do not work. But categories that have no subcategory work fine.

What I tried:

  • Used Oleg Kowal URL rewrites to regenerate them all. (deleted all URL rewrites before that).

  • Disabled all custom extensions.

Didn't work.

What I suspect: I think Magepow categories extension messed it somehow in the database. But, no way to tell if it is the case.

Any help is much appreciated

  • Are the categories anchor set to yes ? Jul 21 at 11:30
  • Thanks, that did something. Now 1st level categories work, 2nd level don't and last level works. Jul 21 at 12:49
  • Try changing theme to blank or luma to see if it from some customization, if not try disabling also custom module to find which one is the problematic. Jul 21 at 12:57

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