should sound weird, but is there a way to allow another rule to work though discard subsequent rules is set to Yes. I tried giving Priority 1 to my current rule, and priority 0 to the other rule, they are getting merged. But I need the current rule get applied first. For Instance, I have a coupon code "COUPON_25" which gives 25% discount on the product with Discard subsequent rules set to Yes and priority set to 1. I have another promo "20OFF" which gives 20$ discount with discard subsequent rules set to No and priority set to 0.

  1. The coupon "COUPON_25" is first applied to a product with price $100. Discounted price is $75.

2.If the coupon "20OFF" is applied to it again, then it becomes $100-$20 = $80 and then 25% of $80, which is $20, giving the final price of $60 ($20 from 20OFF and $20 from COUPON_25 ) instead of $55 ($25 from COUPON_25 and $20 from 20OFF since am apply the code "20OFF" second).

Is there any way to achieve this stuff?

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